ISOPROPYL CLEANER 250ML (Australia and NZ only)



If you are ordering this product outside of Australia (excluding New Zealand), this item will be removed from your order.

Great makeup is best applied not only with great brushes but CLEAN brushes.

Our Isopropyl cleaner is great! for cleaning brushes in between clients if you are a working makeup artist and also to clean your personal brushes for self-use.

It will clean and sanitise your brushes within seconds and will dry within seconds. This is especially important for a makeup artist who needs their brushes cleaned and dried asap! ready for the next client.

You can also use our Isopropyl cleaner to sanitise your cosmetics. From a distance, you can spray your eye shadow palettes in between clients, you can spray and wipe your pressed powders and blushers, disinfect lipsticks and lip liners before use and so on.

We still recommend deep cleaning your brushes with water and your favourite brush shampoo and conditioner at the end of the day. If your brushes are only for self-use you do not need to deep cleanse your brushes every day, every couple of days is ok depending on how often you wear makeup. Just use our isopropyl cleaner after brush use to avoid product build-up when you don't have the time to deep cleanse. Product build-up often leads to bacteria on your brushes which leads to skin breakouts and dirty makeup application.

Ingredients: 100% Isopropyl Alcohol

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