Full Collection - Crushed Pigment Pots

$90 $150

Spoil yourself with the full range of our Crushed Pigment Pots

The full collection includes:

  • Chillax 
  • Fizzy
  • Get Lucky
  • Choca
  • Ice It

Our crushed pigment pots are ultra metallic, ultra shiny and must we say insanely PIGMENTED! The creamy formula allows for easy application in one finger swipe! 

How to use:

  • Use your fingertips to apply to your lids and follow up with a small tapered brush to soften the edges
  • The warmth of your fingers melts the formula for easy application
  • No pigment primer required unless you have oily eye lids or heavily folded lids. Always use a thin amount if using a pigment primer to avoid cracking.

2.5g per pot - Sold by weight, not volume.

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