Free Rein - Empty Magnetic Palette

$20 $40

Jah Cosmetics gives you "Free Rein" to customise this palette however you like. Thanks to the magnetic strip in the palette, you can store your eye shadows, blushers, bronzers, anything that is in a pan/refill form. 

If your product/refill does not have a magnetic base, you can purchase additional metal stickers.

This palette has a beautiful, clean and very chic look to it. The clear acrylic allows you to see your products and colours from the top as well as the bottom which is perfect for makeup artists especially when looking at shade names. 

Both the lid and the palette have magnetic pieces in each corner allowing both pieces to hold together. You can also slide the lid off and place underneath the palette and it will hold so you don't have to worry about misplacing your lid.

If you enjoy multi-purpose products, you can use the lid as a makeup mixing palette. The clear acrylic will not stain and makeup will easily glide off with a wipe. Once you have cleaned the lid, you can slide it back onto the palette.

MAC / Makeup Geek Eye Shadows = Fits 18

INGLOT Eye Shadows - Fits 15 (snug fit)


INGLOT Blush / HD Sculpt Powders - Fits 5





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